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Erica Scheff is inspired by nature, folklore and mythology, history, and different cultures, and uses various manifestations of pencil, ink, and two and three-dimensional digital media in her work. She often fills her sketchbook with designs and doodles of original characters and concept art, and yes - fan art too.

She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA) in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration and a minor in Creative Writing. Afterwards, she worked in a variety of areas including freelance art commissions (illustrations, murals, t-shirt designs, tattoo designs, and more), making and selling floral crowns, face painting, and teaching art to children.

Most recently she has worked as an Event Designer, which included creating to-scale and full-color 3D digital models of wedding events so that clients could see what the proposed design would look like in their chosen venue. She has also worked as a Graphic Designer/Brand Support Consultant, which ranges from doing website and logo design, to official PDF templates for contracts, style guides, and catalogs, to social media graphics and so on.

In 2013 she began a project involving character/creature design, intending to create a blog-style online enclyclopedia of mythical creatures. Though a work in progress, the blog, Mythozoology, will have at least one hundred and eighty-eight entries, with concept art and information on the creature in each entry.

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